Years ago, we adopted our first French bulldog and fell in love with the breed. He brought so much joy to our family and was so good with our new baby. We wanted to share that joy with others, we decided to start Foothills Frenchies puppy breeding. We are a family owned breeder located in Cochrane, AB. We are conscientious breeders, testing for good genetics and breeding the highest quality of puppies. From the start, we use puppy culture and socializing to give you a well adjusted puppy that is ready for your home when they are adopted. Our dogs are pets first and we are breeders second. 

About Foothills Frenchies

Paisley is a beautiful blue mama who loves everyone she meets. She is very well behaved and was easy to train. She will be the best mom and teach her puppy babies how to be the best puppies they can be. 




Our stud muffin Coco is the rarely seen chocolate Frenchie daddy. His two best friends are Paisley and Payton. He's so well behaved and always looks handsome. He will pass his puppy prowess onto his babies. 

Coryn is the leader of the entire puppy clan. As the owner of Foothills Frenchies, she is your go-to for all puppy adoptions and training. She has been a Frenchie owner for over 8 years. 

Kennedy is Coryn's little helper. She feeds and helps train all the puppies. She's an expert on cuddling and loving the Frenchie way!
She has been a Frenchie owner since the day she was born.


Like Paisley, Payton also sports the beautiful rare blue coat. She comes from a litter of very rare colors. She is mild and sweet. She loves to cuddle. She will teach her puppy babies how to be kind to everyone they meet. 


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