meet the frenchie family

Past Puppies

Payton and Paisley 


Mommy Frenchie's

Daddy Frenchie

Our puppies come from fresh European blood lines. The extra socializing we do when they are puppies, turns them into well adjusted dogs. We are not only about breeding, all the dogs are our well loved pets first, and we are breeders second. We also specialize in rare colors of puppies. 

What makes us stand out from other breeders?

We want to choose the best puppy for you and your families needs. Contact us to start the application process.

How can i take a foothills frenchie home?

Breeding is a natural process that we do not force, so ideally we will have a new batch of puppies every 4-6 months.

How often will you have puppies available?

They learn quickly, and are eager to please and gain affection from their owner. This makes them easy to train.

Brushing and bathing them is quite simple due to their short hair. Shedding is minimal, and regular brushing will limit this further. 

Easy to Train 

Easy to Groom

Their average weight is 18-28 pounds making them great for people living in a small space. They are also easy to cuddle and simple to transport. 

Small Size

They are mild and have a relaxed demeanor. They are friendly and great with kids. They also get along great with other dogs. Frenchie's aren't afraid to show how much they love you. They will quickly become a member of your family. 

Loveable Personality

Why adopt a Frenchie?